January 20, 2020

Outdoor Pantry 24/7 Blessing Box Locations in Polk County, TN

One Blessing Box has been usable since October 2019. It’s located at the new Polk County 911 Building located @ 1660 Hwy 68 Ducktown, TN (between Ducktown Post Office & AMR ambulance station) on the side of the building facing the highway. Anyone needing to take items or making donations is welcome to access the box. Please only non perishable food items. You can also donate school related items, personal hygiene, etc.. If the box is full please contact Becky Waters, MaryAnn Radford, Pat Collins or Alicia Waters Jones to give donations to because we cannot leave items outside the box.. We need to keep the area tidy.

Another Blessing Box is located at the top of the driveway to FBC Benton, near the corner of 411 and Parksville Rd. This box is available 24-7 for any families in our county in desperate need of a blessing. Come by FBC’s new outdoor pantry and take what you need, leaving the rest for others in need! A special thank you to FBC men’s ministry for helping bring this project to life.

If you know of any others please share and we will get the word out.

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