November 19, 2022

11/24 Thanksgiving Family Feasts Ocoee Dam Deli & Diner

We don’t play we’re open Thanksgiving Day! Below is what we have in store reserve at 338-8184.
• Plated Meal served $18.49 includes a drink
• Autumn Salad with cranberry vinaigrette
• Hickory smoked turkey, citrus glazed ham, savory cornbread dressing, creamed potatoes, and one choice of many assorted sides
• Garnished with our relish, and one dessert choice from our dessert selection
• Our regular menu will also be available
**Also have feasts available to-go we can package up for your family to enjoy at home.
***Please if anyone is need allow us to feed you this Thanksgiving. There is nothing embarrassing about it call, ask for Michelle, and you and I will use a code word no one will even know

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