November 28, 2022

12/3 Primitive Fire Making Course Delano, TN


Primitive Fire Making Course

Hiwassee/Ocoee State Park

Come and join us as we enhance our bushcraft skills together! During this class, we will go over the bow-drill and pending time, the hand-drill techniques to create fire. Each student will have guided instruction for the selection of materials and for the actual technique to create an ember.

Many outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists have it on their bucket list to accomplish fire-making by the use of wood friction alone. It is our goal to help you achieve this in a fun and practical way!
At our class, you will be given a new fixed-blade Mora Knife and other supplies that will be needed (We got everything that you will need).
Participants will need to bring a camp chair, any other cutting tools like a hand saw, sturdy shoes, snacks and water.
WHO: Mature students age 12 and older. Also, the attendee will need to be in physical shape to undergo strenuous activity.
WHERE: At our Visitor Center (404 Spring Creek Rd. Delano, TN 37325)
WHEN: 1:00pm-6:00pm
Disclaimer: This method of fire-making is not for the faint of heart. During this program it is guaranteed that you will sweat and possibly feel some pain in your hands if they are not already calloused. Primitive fire-making can be physically exhausting and demanding. We will be using knives and other sharp tools to process wood. A liability waiver will need to be signed at the beginning of the course.

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