December 23, 2020


Pursuant to TN Supreme Court Order dated Dec 22, 2020 in-person court proceedings are suspended and continued through Jan 29, 2021 in Polk County General Sessions and Juvenile Court EXCEPT as follows:
Arraignments and hearings for in-custody defendants,
Ex Parte Orders of Protection hearings,
Emergency Child Custody hearings

There are several other exceptions in the TN Supreme Court Order which do not apply to any currently scheduled proceeding in Polk County General Sessions or Juvenile Court. The only persons allowed in court for in-person hearings will be court security, clerks, attorneys, subpoenaed witnesses, and victims. Inmates in custody will continue to appear via video conferencing and social distancing enforced to reduce exposure. The courtroom will continue to be sanitized after each case and after court. No members of the general public or any family members will be allowed in the courtroom.

All other Court proceedings that are not deemed an emergency or constitutionally time-sensitive will be continued until after Jan 29, 2021.
If you have a subpoena, are a victim, or have a pending case during this time period, please contact the Clerk of Court, Melissa Keith’s Office at 423-338-4524 or check the posted signs on the front of the Justice Center for information as to further court dates.

If you are a victim or subpoenaed witness in a criminal case, you may also contact the District Attorney’s Office at 423-472-2179.
This post is for information only. Any comments or questions about future court dates or continuances will be deleted. Any continuances must go through the clerk’s office ONLY.

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